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The World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that ultrasound is safe for pregnant women.

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We're number one for a reason. We scan more patients than any other private clinic in London.

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Gender determination

About the Gender Scan

Even though some parents choose to not know the gender of their baby until the big moment arrives, others wish to know what colour to paint the baby’s room in time. We can offer what they need in order to do that, and that is a gender or sexing scan.

Baby Scan Clinic hosts all the gender scans in a warm, relaxing and private environment, and are done by a kind team of expert sonographers.

What to expect on the day

One of the best sonographers in our team will make sure the scan is taken properly in order for you to find out the gender of your baby. This examination is a 2D one, in black and white. Nevertheless, you will be able to see your baby in 4D on the screen.

Please keep in mind to no gender scan can be 100% accurate.

Preparing for the Gender Scan

Having a full bladder during your wellbeing scan is not necessary so feel free to eat and drink anything you wish that day. Please remember that you should wear loose clothing.

Your appointment

How do I make an appointment?

In order to make an appointment you have access our online appointment system and choose a specific date and time which best suits your schedule.

Can I cancel or move an appointment?

To cancel you appointment or simply change any details regarding, you must call us on 0121 374 2424.

Further information

About ultrasound

As a founding member of the Sonographer Society, the professional body for ultrasound technicians, we assure our clients clinical excellence and progress according to the ultrasound standards in the UK.

For over 40 years ultrasound has been successfully used and has shown no risks. The Baby Scan Clinic is keeping up with the most state-of-the-art ultrasound scans as technology is continually improving. Currently we are using 2013 and 2014 scanner models.

For more details on this topic see Fetal Medicine Foundation & BMUS

Carrying out your scan safely is most important to Baby Scan Clinic and we assure you that all ultrasounds are done by qualified sonographers who are registered with HCPC and the Sonographer Society.